Educating Minds, Expanding Hearts, Empowering Lives

Deeper Learning That Prepares

Notre Dame de Sion High School believes that moments of significant learning are achieved through experiences that allow students to connect to the real world, assert their independence, embrace ambiguity, and change their perception of the world. By connecting each student with her unique purpose, Sion students graduate as well-rounded individuals, faith-filled global citizens, and servant leaders. Learn more about the Portrait of a Graduate and Sion’s Success Outcomes here

Dialogue Transforms

Our belief in the transformative power of learning is rooted in the unique charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion. In 1843, the sisters established schools open to all levels of society and all religions. At the time, this openness was unprecedented for Catholic education and transformed the way students learned about their place in history and the world. Sion’s holistic education values pluralism and inter-dialogue where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives enliven both individuals and build understanding. 

All Girls Learning Environment

At the heart of each academic experience is our deep understanding of the power of an all-girls learning environment. We empower girls to take academic risks that connect with their passions and interests, tailoring balanced schedules to their individual needs. At Sion, girls take the center stage, occupying every seat in student government, every membership in the robotics club, and every position on the field. In fact, every aspect of a girls’ school - from the academic to the student life programming- is designed for girls. 

Methods of Instruction

Strong student-teacher relationships that foster belonging are at the heart of our students’ academic experience. High quality teachers employ innovative and diverse methods of instruction with a focus on:
  • Design thinking
  • Interdisciplinary learning
  • Experiential education
  • Community partnerships
  • Global connections
  • Inquiry-based learning. 
Sion’s well-rounded program of study includes advanced college course offerings and collaborative Signature Programs that go beyond the traditional college-preparatory curriculum.
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