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Notre Dame de Sion High School is accredited through the Independent Schools of the Central States and AdvancedEd. As a member of the National Coalition of Girls Schools and the National Catholic Educational Association, Sion has over 115 years of experience and success in preparing young women in grades 9-12 to find their passion, serve their communities, and achieve their goals in college and beyond.  
Research in the field of adolescence points to a clear connection between sleep and academic success.  Sion begins classes each day at 8:45 and ends at 3:30. This provides students with extra sleep when they need it, and still allows for a rigorous academic program. Students enroll in seven classes per semester with a modified block schedule. Students meet for seven class periods three times a week. On twice-weekly block days, students meet with fewer classes for longer periods of time.
Sion understands that a well-rounded student has opportunities for socio-emotional learning and extra-curricular activities throughout the day. Class Masses, prayer services, clubs, advisory periods, study halls, and assemblies on student-led initiatives are built into the schedule on Thursdays. 
Beginning in her first year, each student is given a Macbook and tools to produce and organize digital content. Students participate in blended learning in several different courses and are encouraged to expand their curricular choices through online learning options.
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