High School


Whether it’s through our award-winning journalism program, all-girls robotics team, or mission-centered, bioscience courses - at the heart of the academic program at Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls is the belief that young women should be encouraged and empowered to develop and use their unique gifts as they become self-confident, faith-filled adults. The faculty at Sion designs their courses to be challenging, well rounded and engaging.

In order to help each student reach her potential, Sion’s curriculum aims to:
  • provide young women with multiple opportunities to connect with a wide-array of topics in the humanities and sciences
  • guide students as they become partners in their own education and gain a deeper understanding of how learning transfers to multiple situations
  • develop the confidence to try new things
  • expand cultural understanding and build empathy for people from all over the globe
Explore each of our departments and current course offerings. You’ll see a variety of courses that build the foundation of a Sion education.
Our Sion Faculty
Sion educators know that curriculum is a living and breathing work in progress and they take pride in the relationships they build with their students. Teachers consistently adapt their curriculum to make it relevant and ensure the highest quality educational experience, preparing them not just for college but for a faith-filled purposeful life.
A Day @Sion
At Sion the school day begins at 8:00am and ends at 3:10pm. A typical weekly schedule for Sion students is a modified-block schedule, with seven periods on Monday, Tuesday, & Friday; four periods on Wednesdays; and three periods with a late-start on Thursdays. Class sizes average 18 students per class. This schedule and small class sizes allow for flexible learning environments to meet the needs of our students.
1:1 Apple Technology
Through our educational partnership with Apple, Sion’s 1:1 technology initiative provides each student with a laptop to use throughout her career at Sion. Technology is used as a tool to encourage collaboration, communication, and creativity in a digital world. The Sion academic community values relationship building as a key to learning and strikes a healthy balance between technology and face-to-face interaction.
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