About Sion

Sion’s vision is to empower all students to be enthusiastic, lifelong learners – confident, courageous, and compassionate people prepared to meet the challenges of a complex and diverse world. For over a century, Sion has been devoted to academic excellence, social justice, interfaith inclusion, and global connections, and committed to preparing students to become agents of positive change.

Four points of excellence serve as a foundation for the Notre Dame de Sion experience:

Academic Excellence

At Notre Dame de Sion we challenge our students to achieve academic excellence through a 21st-century learning curriculum and personalized instruction that emphasize the skill sets necessary for success. Our renowned staff and cutting-edge academics challenge students to reach their full potential, inside and outside of the classroom.

Global Connections

Notre Dame de Sion Schools of Kansas City is just one of 22 Sion schools around the world. Our global reach allows students to engage with Sion students from different backgrounds, languages, and cultures all around the world. Sion proudly opens doors for students to be truly immersed in an international community and to learn through the lens of an authentic global perspective. At the middle and high school levels, our students have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally through Sion exchange and study abroad programs.

Spiritual Growth

Sion is committed to the values of the Catholic Church through spiritual growth, interfaith inclusion, social justice, and service. We have an innate sense of caring for the world and mankind, and are committed to creating a world of peace, justice, and love. We pursue a moral and ethical life, developing within our students the self-assurance and strength needed to withstand life challenges.


Sion is built upon time-honored traditions that link our past, present, and future. Memories are made every day at Sion with each experience tying together the hearts and souls of our students. From middle school international excursions, 8th grade retreats, and Sion’s unique class ring, to the beautiful white gowns worn at high school graduation, the pride and joy in Sion’s traditions are steeped in a spirit that promotes unity, camaraderie, and lifelong friendship.
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