Grade School Academics

Early Education: 2-5-year-olds

Petite: The Sion Petite Program meets the developmental, emotional, and physical needs of 2-year-old children as they transition into our Montessori classrooms. The Petite academic program provides a Montessori-infused curriculum with offerings in French, Art, Music, STEAM, and Movement.

Montessori: The Sion Montessori program, offered to 3-5-year-olds, is led by certified Montessori teachers who guide students to engage in a Montessori curriculum including Mathematics, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, Geography & Cultural Studies, French, Music, Art, Swimming, Movement, STEAM, and Gardening.

Grade School: K-5th

Sion’s primary level, comprised of grades Kindergarten through 5th grade, teaches students through extensive curricular integration, as well as hands-on learning, weekly STEAM classes, Orff-Kodaly Music, and Visual Arts courses. The objective of the Primary level education experience is to develop the whole child through project-based and cross-curricular learning with the objective to mold lifelong and responsible learners.

Middle School: Grades 6th-8th

Notre Dame de Sion’s Middle School program is dedicated to building the knowledge, confidence, and skills of students as they transition into young adulthood. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication are instilled into our middle schoolers as they acquire the skills necessary for a successful high school career.

Sion’s Middle School academic program not only includes all core subjects, but presents students with the opportunity for other enriching courses such as daily French or Spanish, Visual Arts, Band or Choir, Service Learning, and much more. Through the integration of project-based service-learning and cross-curricular content, the Middle School faculty guides students to become engaged problem-solvers who make a positive impact in their community. Dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of the whole student, including academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, faculty members support individuals throughout some of the most important years of a student's life.
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