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Grade School

Student Life

At Sion, going to school is about much more than just the curriculum being taught in class. We strive to educate the whole person, by looking at how and what we teach both in the classroom and beyond.

Primary Students (Grades K-3)

Students experience an extended learning community through learning buddies in reading, math, mass, and faith families. Relationships are built with students from Petites through Middle School. Students experience various cultural and religious celebrations such as classroom holiday parties, Hanukkah, Sukkot, Advent, Lent, Chinese New Year, International Marketplace, and Sion Feast Day. Birthdays are celebrated in homerooms through the third grade. Ample time is spent outside enjoying recess once or twice per day, reflection and study in the Grotto, and working in the garden during the growing seasons. There is typically one field trip per quarter. Service projects take place throughout the year and students are taught to follow the Sion way: kindness, respectfulness, and acceptance for all.

Intermediate Students (Grades 4-5)

It is during this time at Sion that students transition to more independence with different teachers for each content area, individual lockers and the use of online resources like Google Classroom for submitting their assignments. Time management is taught in weekly study skills sessions as well as daily study hall time. Students engage in challenging academics, express themselves through the creative arts, and deepen their understanding of the Sion Mission. Students enjoy participating in service learning field trips, and practice good sportsmanship through physical education classes, swimming and optional after-school athletics. They also lead weekly chapel meetings in which the values of the Sion Mission are showcased and enjoy time socializing with classmates during lunch and recess.

Middle School Students (Grades 6-8)

In Middle School, student are placed in Maisons or ‘Houses’, where they participate in sports activities, service projects within the school, community service work, academic challenge games, and social activities. The Maison program encourages friendly competition and interest in serving others. Each Middle School Maison has a faculty sponsor who encourages the members in their academic, social and emotional development.
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