Dual Campus

List of 13 members.

  • Photo of Alicia Kotarba

    Alicia Kotarba HS '02 

  • Photo of Katherine Axtell

    Katherine Axtell 

    Marketing & Engagement Coordinator
  • Photo of Jennifer Blount

    Jennifer Blount HS '94 

    Alumni & Community Engagement Director
  • Photo of Janae Cambridge

    Janae Cambridge 

    Accounts Payable/Payroll Coordinator
  • Photo of Kathryn Gormly

    Kathryn Gormly GS '04 HS '08 

    Philanthropy & Engagement Manager
  • Photo of Leanna Hattaway

    Leanna Hattaway 

    Director of Business Services
  • Photo of Elizabeth Middleton

    Elizabeth Middleton 

    Academic Records & Learning Management Systems
  • Photo of Sally Morrow

    Sally Morrow GS '96, HS '00 

    Marketing & Content Coordinator
  • Photo of Anne Riggs

    Anne Riggs 

    Mission Director
  • Photo of Daniel Stapf

    Daniel Stapf 

    Director of Facilities & Operations
  • Photo of Molly White

    Molly White HS '02 

    Vice President of Marketing & Community Engagement
  • Photo of Steve Wilson

    Steve Wilson 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Photo of Jodi Briggs

    Jodi Briggs 

    Chief of Staff

Grade School

List of 32 members.

  • Photo of Kristy Ahrendt

    Kristy Ahrendt 

    Montessori Teacher
  • Photo of Leona Baskerville

    Leona Baskerville 

    Math Director
  • Photo of Jessica Beery

    Jessica Beery 

    Petite Montessori Teacher Aide
  • Photo of Alivia Bollinger

    Alivia Bollinger HS '07 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Kathleen Bowman

    Kathleen Bowman 

    Intermediate Reading/Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Julie Walker Browne

    Julie Walker Browne 

    Intermediate Language Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Dwayne Carter

    Dwayne Carter Sr. 

    Maintenance Staff
  • Photo of Amy Coleman

    Amy Coleman 

    Middle School French Teacher
  • Photo of TaKayra Collins

    TaKayra Collins 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Jessica Davis

    Jessica Davis 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Claire Evans

    Claire Evans 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Michael Fowler

    Michael Fowler 

    PE Teacher
  • Photo of Patricia Gray

    Patricia Gray 

  • Photo of Christy Hogerty

    Christy Hogerty 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Caitlin Hynson

    Caitlin Hynson HS '11 

    Middle School Science Teacher
  • Photo of Julie Liberty

    Julie Liberty 

    Petite Montessori Teacher
  • Photo of Stacey Lukas

    Stacey Lukas 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Rachel Mahlik

    Rachel Mahlik GS '88 

    Holy Ground Teacher
  • Photo of Patrice Maloney

    Patrice Maloney 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Steve McGinley

    Steve McGinley 

    Montessori Teacher
  • Photo of Madison Muenks

    Madison Muenks 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Lucile Nelson

    Lucile Nelson 

  • Photo of Elizabeth Riffe

    Elizabeth Riffe 

    Assistant Principal for Operations & Student Life
  • Photo of Chelsea Roth

    Chelsea Roth 

    Primary Teacher
  • Photo of Meghan Schwend

    Meghan Schwend 

    Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Tricia Seitz

    Tricia Seitz 

    Intermediate Math Teacher
  • Photo of Svetlana Smirnova-Johnston

    Svetlana Smirnova-Johnston 

    Montessori Teacher
  • Photo of Audrey Smith

    Audrey Smith GS '99 

    Petite Montessori Teacher
  • Photo of Julie Snodgrass

    Julie Snodgrass 

    Grade School Office Manager
  • Photo of Andrea Stafford

    Andrea Stafford 

    Music Teacher
  • Photo of Heidi Whitehill

    Heidi Whitehill 

    Middle School Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Yuanmin Zhu

    Yuanmin Zhu 

    Montessori Teacher

High School

List of 46 members.

  • Photo of Jenny Brown-Howerton

    Jenny Brown-Howerton 

    Assistant Principal
  • Photo of Ellen Carmody

    Ellen Carmody 

  • Photo of Sarah DeConink

    Sarah DeConink 

    Math Teacher
  • Photo of Gabrielle Dedrick

    Gabrielle Dedrick HS '94 

    Math Teacher & Robotics
  • Photo of Megan DeLaurier

    Megan DeLaurier 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Maleah Downton

    Maleah Downton HS '20 

    Humann Scholars Middle School Program Coordinator
  • Photo of Kathryn Durkin

    Kathryn Durkin 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Kelly Fast

    Kelly Fast 

    Director of Experiential Learning
  • Photo of Kaci Flippo

    Kaci Flippo 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Stella Frisby

    Stella Frisby 

    School Counselor
  • Photo of Katherine Glatz

    Katherine Glatz 

    Director of Admissions - High School
  • Photo of Solange Gonzalez

    Solange Gonzalez Catalan 

    Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Emily Grover

    Emily Grover 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Bonnie Haghirian

    Bonnie Haghirian 

    Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Heather Henning

    Heather Henning 

    Asst. Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Taylor Hersh

    Taylor Hersh HS '08 

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Kristin Hilgenfeld

    Kristin Hilgenfeld 

    Math Teacher
  • Photo of Polly Holmes

    Polly Holmes 

    Theology Teacher, Service Learning Coordinator
  • Photo of Jessica Hull

    Jessica Hull 

    Director of Theology
  • Photo of Maggie Killian

    Maggie Killian 

    Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Lara King

    Lara King 

    School Counselor for Accommodations
  • Photo of Thongsavanh Koestler

    Thongsavanh Koestler 

    High School Office Manager
  • Photo of Paul Kramschuster

    Paul Kramschuster 

    Theology Teacher
  • Photo of Emilie Lai

    Emilie Lai 

    Director of STEAM
  • Photo of Amanda Loflin

    Amanda Loflin 

    French Teacher
  • Photo of Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth Lopez 

    French Teacher
  • Photo of Luis Marin

    Luis Marin 

    Maintenance Staff
  • Photo of Douglas McLagan

    Douglas McLagan 

    Assistant Athletic Director
  • Photo of Reynold Middleton

    Reynold Middleton 

    Math Teacher
  • Photo of Lori Moore

    Lori Moore 

    Internal Impacts Teacher
  • Photo of Lindsay Moore

    Lindsay Moore 

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Elizabeth Mulkey

    Elizabeth Mulkey 

    Director of Visual & Performing Arts
  • Photo of Chrissy Nance

    Chrissy Nance 

    English Teacher
  • Photo of Karen Phillips

    Karen Phillips HS '86 

    School Counselor
  • Photo of Kate Pilgreen

    Kate Pilgreen 

    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Stephanie Pino-Dressman

    Stephanie Pino-Dressman 

    Campus Minister
  • Photo of Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez IV 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Chris Schreiber

    Chris Schreiber 

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Penny Selle

    Penny Selle 

    Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Richard Shrock

    Richard Shrock 

    Social Studies Teacher
  • Photo of Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth Smith Oliver 

    Arts Teacher
  • Photo of Erin Stein Hughes

    Erin Stein Hughes 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Photo of Kathleen Teel

    Kathleen Teel 

    Academic Services Coordinator & Robotics
  • Photo of Kelly Timson

    Kelly Timson 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of Amy Vandenbrul

    Amy Vandenbrul 

    Science Teacher
  • Photo of M. Melissa Wilcox

    M. Melissa Wilcox HS '87 

    English Teacher
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