Why Sion High School

Notre Dame de Sion is a place where student’s individual strengths and gifts are not only accepted but celebrated. Every moment at Sion is an opportunity to grow academically, socially & spiritually in a supportive and loving environment.

Our students agree! Take a moment to see what Sion students and parents have to say, in their own words, about their school!


“Sion has allowed me to express my creative side as well as strengthen my academic interests, and I do not know how I would be without the community that Sion provides.”
-Ellie ‘19
“Being able to go to Sion has helped me be a leader - confident and achievement-oriented. Sion gives me the opportunity to experiment and explore without being afraid of being judged. Sion helps me explore more faiths and learn more about my own faith. Sion will allow me to be ready for the real world.”
-Elizabeth ‘21
“I feel like Sion is going to prepare me very well no matter what career path I decide to take. I love all of the wonderful opportunities that are offered at Sion for service, and the opportunities to grow closer in our sisterhood.”
-Audrey ‘21
Notre Dame de Sion
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Notre Dame de Sion
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