High School


Sion, opening doors you never knew existed.

Welcome to Sion!

Your high school decision is an important one. One that truly has a rippling effect.  We consider it a great privilege to introduce to you all the opportunities Sion has to offer. Our hope is that you look to your years at Sion with great anticipation for the friendships you will create, the faith you will grow, and the young woman you will become.  

Sion’s strong commitment to academic excellence will challenge you to be your best. The combination of rigorous courses and a caring faculty creates the perfect environment for you to thrive academically. Our dedicated teachers, counselors and coaching staff are committed to helping every girl who chooses Sion to achieve her own personal goals and stay motivated to reach her full potential and make her dreams come true.

Sion’s mission is revealed in our desire to inspire and encourage space for dialogue and life-long learning. From our very founding, the educational experience at Notre Dame de Sion has been rooted in our Catholic identity coupled with the respect for other faiths and cultures different from our own. You will leave Sion with not only the knowledge and desire to make a difference in the lives of others, but with an informed perspective and deep regard for the world around you.

A Sion education will empower every girl that chooses Sion to find her voice and grow in confidence as individuals and members of the global community.  At Sion, we believe in preparing our girls to go into the world with a strong sense of self, rooted in reflection, knowledge and an enthusiastic commitment to become young women who lead with compassion and courage. A Sion graduate is characterized by her confidence, self-assurance and care for others.

If you want to make a difference, have an impact and change the world, then Sion is for you. Join us for one of the many events throughout the year to see first hand the way Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls will challenge, inspire and empower you.

Vive Sion,

Katie Glatz
Director of Admissions
Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls
10631 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO 64114 | P: 816‑942‑3282 | Email