When you support scholarships at Sion you are opening doors and changing lives.  Through scholarships, you are giving students the tools to achieve the extraordinary by providing the means for outstanding scholars to reach their potential.

Types of Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

A lasting legacy to Sion, an endowed scholarship establishes a permanent asset from which students will receive support in perpetuity. The minimum funding level for an endowed scholarship is $25,000 and can be established through a one-time gift or by making a pledge to Sion. You have the opportunity to name the scholarship, for example in honor of your family, and will work with the Advancement Department to create the criteria for student recipients. Once you have reached the minimum funding level, funds will be dispersed. 

Expendable Scholarships

Expendable scholarships are distributed in the same year they are received. An expendable scholarship can be established with a minimum of $1,000. The fund does not accrue interest and can only be awarded based upon the amount given. For donors who want to support scholarships for Sion students but don’t have a goal of creating a permanent award, this opportunity is an ideal option.
Contributions can be made to existing endowed and expendable scholarships at any time or you can establish a new scholarship. All contributions for scholarships are fully tax deductible. 
Scholarship recipients are selected in collaboration with staff in the Advancement and Admission departments, and according to the donor’s wishes as stipulated in the fund agreement.
If you are interested in establishing a new scholarship fund at Sion, please contact
If you would like to make a donation to the general scholarship fund or to help fund an existing scholarship, please fill out the donation form with your gift and billing information.

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