Notre Dame de Sion High School launched a new program providing support and resources to ensure the success of full-scholarship students from diverse, underserved backgrounds. Initially funded by the William G. McGowan Charitable Fund and supported by a range of generous Sion donors, the Humann Scholars Program welcomed its first class of scholars in June 2021.

Humann Scholars will participate in the program during their 7th and 8th grade years to build confidence, independence and leadership skills through peer mentoring, social experiences, academic tutoring, life skills lessons and one-on-one support. If a student successfully participates in these programs, applies and is accepted to Sion High School during their 8th grade year, they will be welcomed to Sion High School as a Humann Scholar through a fully-funded scholarship. Humann Scholars from diverse cultures and backgrounds learn from each other, about each other and grow into their true selves ready for college and beyond.
“I was super excited for the summer program, not only to help the middle school girls learn about Sion and have an amazing fun time, but also because the leadership position I’m in is helping me to become more confident about myself and leading others.”  -- Arleth Guevara, Humann Scholar ‘24
Humann Scholars enrolled at the High School will actively participate in the Humann Scholars Leadership Council to enrich the experience and mentor fellow Humann Scholars. The program is named for Louise Humann, an educator who served as mentor to the founder of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion, Fr. Theodore Ratisbonne. She inspired him to read, love and center his life on the Word of God. She will be forever remembered and revered in Sion as a woman of deep faith and rare intelligence and an excellent educator well ahead of her time.
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