Spring Deep Dives and Travel

The Spring Deep Dives are a unique opportunity that allows our students to explore their interests and passions outside of the traditional classroom setting.  This week-long program offers a diverse range of experiences, including travel, community service, and research opportunities. 

These courses are: 
  • Community-partnered
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Student-driven
  • Culturally immersive
  • Faith-cultivating
  • Travel-related
Rigorous experiential education goes beyond simply offering students a chance to gain practical experience. It challenges them to think critically, analyze complex situations, and develop innovative solutions. It demands that they take ownership of their learning, set goals, and work collaboratively towards achieving them. Sion’s Spring Deep Dive programming instills in students a sense of resilience and adaptability, allowing them to navigate ambiguity with confidence all while gaining valuable connections with professionals in various industries. We believe that this type of education is essential in preparing them to be leaders in their respective fields and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Spring Deep Dive Travel Opportunities

Every Sion student graduates with a cultural or international exchange experience. We believe that local and global connections allow students to build empathy and understanding through diverse encounters and meaningful dialogue that respects the dignity of each individual and culture. 

Spring Deep Dive travel opportunities included: 
  • Sonoran Desert
  • Boston 
  • Guatemala 
  • Big Bend National Park 
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