The Sion community fosters a sense of belonging through many longstanding beloved traditions that began with the first graduating class in 1923, and through many “newer” traditions that have been established as our school has evolved. These traditions earmark significant milestones for our students, offer a right-of-passage for others, and provide our graduates with life-long memories that will forever unite them with all Sion alum. 

Freshmen Beanies:

Each year the seniors welcome the incoming ninth grade class by creating personalized headwear which is presented to our new students at our “Beanie Ceremony” at the beginning of the school year.  Creativity and school spirit abound as each senior mentor presents their custom beanie to the Freshman students one by one. 

Mother-Daughter Brunch & Fashion Show:

Sion students and mothers (or special friends) are invited each September to the Mother-Daughter Brunch and Fashion Show for some pop-up shopping, delicious brunch, and runway fashion show entertainment. Each year our senior class mothers and daughters are featured in the runway show modeling clothes from local boutiques and reminiscing on their favorite “mother-daughter” memories. 

Father-Daughter Dinner Dance:

Each winter our students look forward to getting dressed up to join their father (or father figure) for a night of dinner and dancing with friends! Taking a break from the “dad dance moves” our senior class has the tradition of serenading their fathers, who in return serenade their daughters. This annual tradition gives our students a “date night” to remember.

Junior Ring Ceremony:

The Notre Dame de Sion High School Ring Ceremony is a special tradition for both our junior and senior classes. The NDS ring was designed by Cartier in France in 1927 to be cast in yellow gold with six pearls. The ring bears the Sion insignia that unites all members of the Sion community, and the six pearls represent the six “pearls of wisdom” that we hope to instill in all of our graduates. At our annual Ring Ceremony, this ring is presented to each member of the junior class by a member of the senior class or possibly a family member(s) who is a Sion Alumna(e). The ceremony celebrates the transfer of school leadership from the senior class to the junior class.

Senior Graduation:

Our senior class celebrates their graduation ceremony in one of the beautiful auditoriums at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts.  Prior to graduation, each senior class works together to select their white gown for the commencement ceremony. Each student wears the same white dress as a sign of unity, they carry four roses to represent their four years of high school, and are crowned with laurel leaves similar to those in ancient Greece as a symbol of achievement.  Our graduation ceremony uniquely honors our students, and is a celebration of their students’ work and dedication.
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