High School Global Connections

Every Sion student graduates with a cultural or international exchange experience. We believe that local and global connections allow students to build empathy and understanding through diverse encounters and meaningful dialogue that respects the dignity of each individual and culture. 

International Exchange

Sion’s unique relationship with our network of 21 International Sion Schools affords our students the opportunity to learn and explore via cross-cultural connections within the context of the Sion charism.  Through our International Exchange Program, participants are matched by faculty program coordinators with students from our partner schools - currently in Australia and France. During the exchange, students travel to live with their host sisters and their families, attend classes, and explore the cities, culture, and customs of their host countries. In exchange, our participants and their families host students from our partner schools at some point during the same school year.

Australia - 3 Week Exchange: U.S.A. Sion students travel to Melbourne, Australia in July; Australians students travel to KC in late December/early January.

France - 2 Week Exchange: U.S.A. Sion students travel to Evry, France  in June; French students travel to KC in October.

Spring Deep Dive Travel 

During our Spring Deep Dives, we offer students the  unique opportunity to explore their interests and passions outside of the traditional classroom setting.  Our Deep Dive travel excursions give our students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and those around them, by immersing them in new cultural settings and encouraging them to navigate ambiguity with confidence.

Examples of past trips include: 
  • Sonoran Desert
  • Boston 
  • Guatemala 
  • Big Bend National Park 
  • Global Impacts Microschool Kenya
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