Why Sion Grade School

We know our grade school is special. But when parents and students agree, we know we’re fulfilling our mission to be a place where each student’s individual strengths and gifts are not only accepted but celebrated. Every moment at Sion is an opportunity to grow academically, socially and spiritually in a supportive and loving environment. Take a look at what Sion students and their parents have to say about how special our school is.


"This school is PHENOMENAL! Sion is an interfaith Catholic school which means that all religions and cultures are warmly welcomed into the Sion community, which is amazing! Last year our 5yr old son learned Russian, French and Mandarin and our 3 yr old daughter learned French and Mandarin. They also had the opportunity to learn chess, take karate, and yoga. I also love that the school has a dedicated STEAM room for the PreK-8th grade and that students are learning "how" to think, versus "what" to think. Last year my son also had the opportunity to skype with Sion students at Sion schools in Costa Rica! The food is healthy, delicious and prepared by a local chef who uses organic ingredients that are locally sourced. We also love the character development education our kids receive, they're learning how to support their peer's educational experience in a positive way through servant leadership. We feel lucky to have found Sion!" -Sion Parent
"I have been going to Sion since my 5th-grade year, and now I am a junior in high school. From the very first day of my 5th-grade year, I felt as if I was apart of a family that I did not even know that I had. My 7th grade World History teacher awakened every part of my brain that could possibly be opened. From deciphering history, Wall Street, and how we need to have hearts bigger than the world (our school motto). In the beginning, I was just a scared little 5th-grader, but now Sion has become my home, and not hypothetically speaking either." -Sion Student
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