Little Shop of Horrors - January 17th and 18th

Please join the cast and crew of the musical for a magical evening on January 17th and 18th at 7 pm, and January 19th at 2 pm. The performances will be held at Rockhurst High School in the Rose Theater. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance here

NDS students will not be charged admission. They will receive a CODE via e-mail, to use with this link and order their free ticket.

Sion’s award-winning music and theatre program supports students as they connect to music, develop talents, and gain the opportunity for self-expression. Sion’s performing arts program extensively includes activities such as choir, orchestra, drum line, and theater. Students are presented with phenomenal opportunities to sharpen their performance skills on campus, and on the larger stages beyond Sion’s walls.

  • Plays (HS)
  • Musicals (HS/GS)
  • Night of One Acts (HS)
  • Theatre Tech (HS/GS)

  • Choir (GS/HS)
  • Orchestra (HS)
  • Drumline (HS)
  • TriM (HS)
  • Band (GS)
  • Electives (GS-Guitar, Jazz Ensemble, Music Theory, and Composition)

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