Mission & Vision


Inspired by our Catholic faith, our mission is to cultivate a loving community that empowers students for success in a religiously and culturally diverse world.


Reflecting God’s Divine love, our vision is to prepare graduates who will contribute justice, peace and love to the world.

Our core values are:

Love - As revealed in and through the life and person of Jesus and his teachings, we strive to reflect our Creator’s love for each person in our daily interactions with others.

Respect - Above all, we uphold the dignity of each person. We respect differences in each other. These differences make us stronger and the challenging dialogue that can arise from differences will be rooted in respect.
Connection - Sion is built on the foundation of relationships - with God, each other, our students, families, communities, and global network.  We value the time we spend building and strengthening our connections.
Hope - Inspired by faith, we have hope in a bright future. Hope inspires us to constant improvement and calls us to give our best in delivering the highest quality education for our students.

Openness - We are a welcoming community that strives for a spirit of belonging because of our Sionian witness of Jesus and his gospel message.  We greet new ideas with enthusiasm and are open to the contributions of others. 


At Notre Dame de Sion, we affirm our ongoing commitment to value diversity, a commitment which flows directly from the charism and welcoming tradition of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion. Our goal is that the entire Sion community ­­– from our youngest students to our most seasoned alumnae and alumni; from our parents to our faculty and staff members – embrace the unique gifts of each individual and value the distinctiveness of each group of people. Born of diverse backgrounds and identities, we uphold first and foremost the dignity of each person. We are called to actively welcome and respect the individual differences of all. Cultivating this attitude is a lifelong process and is the essence of Notre Dame de Sion.
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