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"We constantly seek the face of God. Sometimes God reveals himself to us in the silence of contemplation to which we give our time freely, open to receive. At other times our experience of God is intimately linked to the encounter with and service of others."
Constitution of Our Lady of Sion
Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls believes in the biblical imperative to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. We are all one human family. When our sisters and brothers are in need, we respond by feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, clothing the naked and caring for the sick, as Jesus taught. In fact, all major faith traditions contain a version of the Golden Rule. So where do we begin and how do we grow, in order that the works of charity and social justice become an integral and meaningful part of our lives?
Every Sion Girl serves out of her wholeness - her gifts as well as her weaknesses - so every journey, every calling is unique. Each young woman begins her freshman year identifying service areas of interest and then visits a related non-profit on the Freshman Day of Service. As students continue through their four years of high school, after-school service opportunities, service hour check-ups, and spring break service trips are open to them, to help them build a service portfolio and work towards their required 100 hours of community service. The Senior Service Project is an exercise of leadership and love, as the students work to affect positive change in the world.

Freshman Year

Introduction to the Service-Learning program in their theology class, students complete an inventory of any past service experiences as well as interests, Freshman Day of Service matches each student with a local organization that matches her interests, some service hours are required for Faith-Foundations class. Recommended: students complete 25 hours before the start of Sophomore year.

Sophomore Year

As part of the Catholic Social Teaching class, students must meet with Mrs. Hull to review their service portfolio - Have they found an organization or cause for which they are passionate? How much of their graduation requirements have they completed? What are their goals and plans for service? Some service hours in the "Working with the Marginalized" category are also required for Sophomore Theology Recommended: students have 50% of their graduation requirement completed before the start of Junior year.

Junior Year

Students will be discussing peace, justice and building the kingdom of God in their Biblical Traditions course. By the end of junior year they will be introduced to the requirements for the senior service projects and they will go through the Protecting God's Children training which is required by the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph. Recommended: students have 75% of their graduation requirements completed before the start of Senior year.

Senior Year

Seniors complete their Senior Service Projects exercising leadership and serving the marginalized. These 25 or more hours focus on an organization or cause which is close to the student's heart.  See Mrs. Holmes google classroom for a full description of the Senior Service Project. During Senior year, a due date is also set for completion of the student's overall service hours.
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