Spiritual Formation & Service

Sion’s Campus Ministry, Theology and Service Learning programs empower students to explore and develop their unique gifts, as they become confident faith-filled adults who bring about a more just and peaceful world. Teaching through a Catholic lens, which includes a respect for all faiths, prepares students to dialogue with people whose beliefs and experiences may differ from their own. Encountering God in prayer, scripture, art, nature, service and one another, deepens both our faith and our respect for all God’s creation. Knowing our individual gifts and understanding our shared humanity, inspires us to build a world of peace, justice and love. 

Sion’s Catholic Identity:

Catholicism permeates our prayer and our studies, especially through such values as the “dignity of the human person, the love that God has for each person in his/her uniqueness and for each people in its distinctiveness” (from the Constitution of the Congregation of Notre Dame de Sion 15.4).
  • Monthly all-school liturgies, including Intergenerational Masses
  • Weekly mass before school on Tuesdays, open to all in the Sion community
  • Beginning the school day with student led prayer
  • Class retreats, led by Campus Ministry and student leaders
  • Kairos retreats, led by Campus Ministry and student leaders 
  • Lenten Reconciliation Service
  • Quarterly Eucharistic Adoration
  • Peer Ministry program in which students elect to be trained to guide the incoming freshmen through their first year at Sion
  • 4 credits of Theology required for graduation, including Christian Scriptures and Catholic Social Teaching
  • Affiliation agreements with both the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion and the Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph

Sion’s Interfaith Mission:

Our unique charism, handed down by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion, calls us to build respectful relationships with other Christian Churches and other religious traditions, especially with the Jewish people. As reflected in the Vatican II declaration, Nostra Aetate, we recognize among the various faiths, our common search for meaning and connection with the Holy. We respect what makes each faith unique, while using our common ground as a foundation for efforts towards peace. 

  • Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving prayer service, led by Campus Ministry and student leaders
  • Weekly interfaith prayer to begin the school day
  • Interfaith Club
  • Introduction to Catholicism, Judaism and Islam in the Rooted in Sion Theology course
  • Hebrew Scriptures Theology course
  • World Religions Theology elective
  • Field trips to various temples, synagogues, mosques and churches

Sion’s Service Learning Program:

Sion students work to identify how they are called to share their gifts and passions in a way that meets the world’s needs, culminating in their Senior Service Projects. We recognize our individual and collective responsibility to respond to suffering in the world with both charity and justice, knowledge and compassion.
  • Grade level service projects during August orientation activities
  • Freshman Day of Service
  • Student-driven and led projects throughout the year such as Student Council’s Food for Thought Food Drive, National Honor Society’s Blood Drive, Designing Real World Impact projects, Lemon Club’s fundraiser for childhood cancer research, etc.
  • 100 hours of service required for graduation
  • After school service opportunities
  • Service trip to Guatemala
  • Service is also included in many of the other Deep Dives
  • Senior Service Projects are 25 or more hours of service and leadership focused on a particular issue or nonprofit chosen by the student
  • Typically, over 10% of the student body earns the President’s Volunteer Service Award for completing 100 or more volunteer hours in a single year.
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