High School

Advantages of a SION Education

Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls is a place where your individual strengths and gifts are not only accepted but celebrated; where every moment is seen as an opportunity to grow spiritually, academically and socially in a community where you’ll feel a sense of belonging right away.

Research is clear that an all-girls high school education better prepares you for success in college and beyond than your peers attending coeducational institutions. Girls who learn in all-girl schools earn more Ph.D. degrees and positions in Fortune 500 companies, speak up in the classroom with more than twice the frequency, and attain mean SAT composite scores 43 points higher than graduates of co-ed schools.

When you join the Sion community, you become a treasured member of an international family. Our founder, Theodore Ratisbonne, left a legacy that compels us to build bridges between cultures in order to better understand each other and embrace our differences.

Upon graduation, you will discover your time at Sion has opened doors you never knew existed. You will forge trusted, lifelong friendships; find respected universities offering you opportunities to continue your educational pursuits; and build confidence to not only know how you fit into this world, but how you can help change it for the better. Since 1923, Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls has proudly graduated young Kansas City women prepared to confidently make a positive difference in their lives.
Sion’s rigorous curriculum covers Mathematics, Science and Technology, English Literature and Composition, World Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, History, Social Sciences and Theology. With an average class size of 18, you’ll find teachers with the time to challenge you to be your best and the availability to support you when needed – before, during and after school.
As an upperclassman, you’ll have the ability to earn college credits through College Board Advanced Placement courses offered in English Literature and Language, European History, Chemistry, Calculus, French, Spanish, U.S. History and Studio Art. Additionally, honors courses are available in English, Math, Science, World History, French and Spanish. ACCP dual credit for Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, French and Spanish is also offered through Rockhurst University.
Sion is committed to using technology to support a 21st century, college-preparatory education that encourages you to collaborate, communicate and think creatively in an increasingly digital world. With our 1:1 technology initiative, each girl is provided a laptop to use throughout her career at Sion.
Instruction extends beyond our Kansas City campus. Sion works to prepare you for socially responsible, values-based leadership in a culturally and religiously diverse world and has established exchange programs in Australia, Costa Rica, France, and Brazil, with new opportunities in England  coming in the 2017-18 school year.  Additional summer travel tours are also offered by the Spanish, French, English and Science faculty.
At Sion, we maintain a tradition of 100% college acceptance. The Class of 2017 sent 102 young women to 54 different universities across the United States and abroad. We also celebrated our 49th consecutive year of receiving National Merit recognition. Graduates of the Class of 2017 received 324 merit-based scholarships with an impressive four-year total of almost $13 million dollars with 83% of the class having earned at least one of these scholarships. Many of our students will go on to be scholar athletes, participating in sports at schools across the county.
The Catholic identity of Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls is at the core of our Mission and we invite all students to encounter God in an atmosphere that respects and embraces all faith traditions. Our school promotes nurturing relationships based on mutual respect and a belief in the integrity of each individual. As a freshman, you’ll begin the school year with a retreat to get to know your new classmates — many lifelong friendships have developed on this first trip together. A senior student or peer minister will be partnered with you on this retreat as you learn more about the wonderful Sion sisterhood. Along the journey through your Sion years, there will be countless more bonding experiences within your grade and school, culminating with a four-day, three-night Kairos retreat for Seniors.
Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls is committed to social justice demonstrated by the over 21,000 hours of community service completed by our young women. Students volunteered at a variety of organizations locally, nationally and internationally last year. More than 50 students were recognized for the Presidential Service Award. Whether it’s the environment, hunger, literacy, poverty, health issues or issues of justice, you can help take the lead in solving local and global problems.
Sion offers you a myriad of opportunities to showcase your creativity in visual, dramatic and musical arts. The Fine Arts curriculum includes: drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, audio and video production, publication layout and design, drama, choir and orchestra. Theatrical productions and other student-directed creations are part of the performing arts program at Sion.
You’re also encouraged to express yourself through our nationally recognized student publications. Write, edit, take photographs or contribute to multimedia projects for the online magazine, The Siren; the student newspaper, Le Journal; the student literary magazine, Les Vitraux; and the yearbook, Le Flambeau.
Sion’s top-ranked athletic program encompasses 11 different sports, cheerleading and dance team, enabling students of all grade levels and skills to participate. Nearly sixty percent of the students participate in our competitive athletic programs, many in multiple sports.
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