High School

Spiritual Formation

Our unique mission is grounded in a Catholic identity that embraces people of all faiths. Our prayer and worship sustains us. Our study and reflection propels us on our spiritual journey. Our service brings us closer to our sisters and brothers and to a world of peace, justice and love.

Catholic Identity

Through association with the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, our schools are among 19 Sion schools internationally, all of which share the same dynamic culture.

A commitment:
  • To the Church
  • To exposing and educating its students to not just learn about the rich variety of faith traditions and cultures in the world but also to interact with people whose beliefs and practices are different from their own.
  • To building a world of peace, justice and love
Students are invited to grow in faith through engaging their hearts, minds and bodies. Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, morning prayer, Interfaith Prayer Services and other opportunities abound for growing their relationship with God. Study of Catholic Social Teaching, Biblical Traditions, World Religions and other courses involve students in intellectual and spiritual explorations of faith. Class retreats, Kairos, after school service opportunities and spring break service trips bring students into an active faith life with a community that values each individual and the gifts she has to offer the world.

Service Learning

Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls believes in the Biblical imperative to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. In fact, all major faith traditions contain a version of the Golden Rule. Beginning with the Freshman Day of Service, students are guided to find the place where their gifts and interests meet the world’s needs, so that service becomes life giving for all involved. This culminates in the Senior Service Project in which each senior devotes at least 25 hours to a specific nonprofit or cause that she is passionate about. The Senior Service Project is an exercise of leadership and love, as the students work to affect positive change in the world.

Interfaith Dialogue and Education

Sion’s unique identity as being both Catholic and honoring the faiths of all includes:
  • Interfaith Prayer services
  • Interfaith Club
  • Participation in Interfaith Youth Alliance
  • Course dialogue about world religions
  • Elective in Holocaust; genocide studies
  • Diversity; inclusion initiatives
  • Exploration of ecumenism (all aspects of Christianity)
  • Field trips to places of worship
    • Synagogues
    • Mosques
    • Temples
    • Churches
  • Congregation of Our Lady of Sion’s charism
  • Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council Table of Faiths Award
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