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Apple Education 1:1 Technology

Why a 1:1 technology program?

Current educational research suggests the importance of the incorporation of technology in the classroom. ProjectRED has done research, both quantitative and qualitative, suggesting improved learning outcomes for students enrolled in schools with 1:1 device programs. The study linked above summarizes the following data, which appears in the full report:
  • 70% of studied schools reported an increase in scores on high-stakes tests.
  • 49% of 1:1 schools studied saw an increase in AP course enrollments.
  • 88% of survey respondents in 1:1 schools indicated that teachers had more time for individualized or small-group instruction
  • 75% of survey respondents in 1:1 schools said students took control over their own learning, compared with 40% in schools with a 4:1 or greater student-device ratio.
  • 75% of survey respondents in studied 1:1 schools indicated that students are engaged in problem-based learning, which is considered a best practice in 21st-century education.
  • 80% of survey respondents in studied 1:1 schools indicated that students are collaborating with their peers in the 1:1 environment. Collaboration is regarded as a key element of a 21st-century education.
It is important for students to develop responsible digital citizenship habits. It is advantageous to learn those prior to a collegiate or professional experience. Additionally, having a 1:1 program guarantees that everyone will have the same device and tools for engagement.

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  • What software or hardware does my student have access to?

    • Students have access to printers and network data storage with teacher and tech team supervision
    • Each device will be asset tagged and tracked both on and off campus. 
    • All students have an email address and an Apple ID.  Parent use authorization form must be signed for students under 13
    • Students will have no privacy rights on the device and school administrators can view all data
    • Data backups are regularly done, but data recovery is not guaranteed.  Students are required to keep all data in their Google drive.
    • All students and parents will be required to sign the Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls.

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  • What is the fee for use of Technology?

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  • What does the Technology fee include?

    • The Device – The cost of the device is amortized over four years. At the end of the fourth year, the student may buy the device for a nominal fee or turn it back in.
    • The Software and Applications – Sion will provide age-appropriate software and applications for all students. In order for Sion to provide software to its students, the school must own both the software and the device on which it is to be installed.
    • Protection for the Device – Sion will provide a protective cover for each device.
    • Insurance for the Device – If a student loses or breaks the device, he or she will get a new device once a $50 deductible has been paid.
    • Support for the Device – If the device or an application stops working, the student may bring it to the Technology Support staff, who will loan the student a replacement device until his or her own device has been repaired.
    • Management of the Device – Each device will be managed byCasper, a program that ensures that students are able to access only age-appropriate content with their devices, and more importantly, will help to keep the school’s network running efficiently, assist in tracking misplaced devices, and allow for new software to be added or for devices to be repaired remotely if possible.
    • Infrastructure for the Device – Such a large number of devices require some infrastructure upgrades which include wireless access points, device carts/charging stations, well-maintained servers and network backbone.

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  • What is the fee and purchase framework for the computer as my student matriculates and/or graduates from Sion?

    As noted above, the devices are amortized over the course of four years. The annual technology fee is assessed each year your student is enrolled at Notre Dame de Sion School.  Upon graduation the student’s computer is available at the fair market price of the device (see pricing structure below).

    After One YearAfter Two YearsAfter Three YearsAfter Four Years
    *computer will be owned by student or returned to school to be updated

For additional questions, please contact:

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