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Academic and Personal Counseling Services

    • Front row:  Erin Stein, Heather Henning. Back row: Karen Phillips, Erika Ellwanger, Lara King

      Front row: Erin Stein, Heather Henning. Back row: Karen Phillips, Erika Ellwanger, Lara King

Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls has a comprehensive counseling program that addresses students’ needs by facilitating academic, personal/social and career development, as well as, helping create a positive and safe learning climate.

The counseling program supports the school’s mission by encouraging students to use their unique gifts as they experience the multitude of opportunities at Sion.

The four program components are: guidance curriculum; individual planning; responsive services; and system support.

Academic Planning

As a college preparatory high school, Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls offers a diverse and comprehensive curriculum to ready students for an advanced education program.
A total of 26 credits are required for graduation from Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls. Specific credit totals are mandatory in the following subject areas:

4.0 credits
Fine Arts
1.0 credit
4.0 credits
Must include at least one class more advanced than Algebra II. A student must take math all four years.
Physical Education
1.0 credit
Practical Arts
1.0 credit
3.0 credits
Must include Biology I and Chemistry I
Social Studies
3.0 credits
Must include 1.0 credit US History, 0.5 credit American Government Note: Total increases to 3.5 credits for Class of 2018
4.0 credits
Maximum of 4.5 credits over four years. The core courses and Senior Project must be successfully completed in order to graduate. Transfer students must complete only those religion classes that are required after enrollment, plus the Senior Project.
World Languages
2.0 credits
Must be consecutively taken in the same language

The remaining credits are earned through electives that the student takes to suit her own particular interest. ALL STUDENTS must take a minimum of 6 credits per year. To be on schedule for graduation, students should average 6.5 credits per year.

Guidance Schedules

Notre Dame de Sion School’s College Counseling Department provides a four-year, comprehensive and personalized program to prepare students for successful acceptance and matriculation into college.

Academic Services

Notre Dame de Sion High School for Girls supports students with diagnosed learning differences who are eligible for limited accommodations to experience success in a college preparatory high school.
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