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Grade School Lunch Program

Notre Dame de Sion School is proud of our signature lunch program and partnership with Future Foodies! Jackie Kincaid Habiger’91 founded her company, Future Foodies, after seeing the need to nourish, and nurture students eating lunch at school every day. Not only because students need their bodies & brains to be at their best, but also because learning to make smart food choices today will ultimately lead to making smarter & healthier food choices in their future.
Future Foodies is passionate about creating heathy, balanced, made-from-scratch school lunches. Always paying close attention to the ingredients, Future Foodies provide healthy meals and in turn educate students on healthy unprocessed foods. Jackie and her team are dedicated to sourcing from local producers including Campo Lindo Farms, McGonigles meats, Sasha's Baking Co., and Farm to Market Bread. Families can feel confident that each meal is prepared fresh using quality ingredients, with balanced nutrition & attention to value. Future Foodies also operates a peanut free kitchen.
  • Online lunch ordering through 
  • Fresh ingredients (often from the grade school community garden) 
  • All prepared lunches are peanut-free 
  • Milk available to order for the full year 
  • Sample lunch entrees include tomato soup with grilled cheese, spaghetti and meatballs, hummus with toasted pita bread and many more.

2018-19 Montessori-8th Grade Meal Pricing*
Pre-paid Semester Price $360.00
Pre-paid Semester with Additional Entrée $555.00
Pre-paid Full Year $680.00
Pre-paid Full Year with Additional Entrée $1,050.00
Daily Lunch Price $ 4.60 Additional Daily Entrée Price $ 2.50
2018-19 Sion Petite Meal Pricing*
3 day Pre-paid Semester Price $170.00
5 day Pre-paid Semester Price $280.00
3 day Pre-paid Full Year $320.00
5 day Pre-paid Full Year $530.00
*Meal Pricing does not include cost of optional daily milk fee. Current parents please see parent portal for more information.
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