Spiritual Formation & Service

Our unique mission is grounded in a Catholic identity that embraces people of all faiths. Our prayer and worship sustain us and bring our community together. Our service learning brings us closer to our sisters and brothers and to a world of peace, justice, and love.

Catholic Identity:

Students at the grade school are invited to grow in faith by engaging their hearts, minds, and bodies.  Sion's commitment to the Church is rooted in educating its students in Gospel Values that build a world of peace and justice. Love of God and Neighbor, without distinction, is promoted through scripture study, Catholic Social Teaching, and service learning. 
Students grow their relationship with God through morning prayer, weekly Chapel services, monthly all-school masses, and service-learning opportunities.  Holy Ground classes help students come to understand their unique gifts and to connect their faith and actions.

Interfaith Dialogue & Education:

Sion is committed to interfaith dialogue.  At all levels of the grade school, students hone the skills and practices that build a world of peace, justice, and love. Love of God and Neighbor, without distinction, is foremost in service learning and education about the rich variety of faith traditions and cultures. The respect and dignity of all God’s Children is foundational to the celebration of each student’s own beliefs and practices, Our community values each individual student and the gifts they have to offer the world.
Sion’s unique identity as being both Catholic and honoring the faiths of all includes:
  • Interfaith Prayer Services & Multi-Cultural Masses & Community Celebrations
  • Dialogue & experiences in world religions in Holy Ground, Social Studies, and Language Arts classes
  • Middle School  workshops building awareness and prevention of anti-semitism
    • Visit the National Holocaust Memorial during 8th Grade Washington DC trip
  • Implementation of the Congregation of Our Lady of Sion’s charism of building a world of peace & justice through Service Learning.  Local community partners include Jewish Family Services, Catholic Charities, Metro Lutheran Ministries,  Migrant Farmworkers Assistance Fund, Giving the Basics, and Journey to New Life.

Service Learning:

Notre Dame de Sion believes in the Biblical imperative to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves. In fact, all major faith traditions contain a version of the Golden Rule. Students are guided to find the place where their gifts and interests meet the world’s needs, so that service becomes life-giving for all involved.
At the Grade School, service learning experiences, rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and the Works of Mercy, occur at each grade level throughout the school year.  Service learning themes provide the foundation for project-based learning and empower even Sion's youngest students to make an impact in their community.  Collection drives, environmental initiatives, and work days out in the community, allow students to contribute, working to build a better world. 
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