1:1 Program

Technology Integration

At Sion, the integration of technology enhances learning through developmentally appropriate tools and resources. Sion students have access to their own device through our 1:1 program (iPads for grades K-4 / MacBook Airs for grades 5-8), as well as interactive whiteboards and full access to Google Apps for Education. Student technology experiences are aligned with the ISTE.

What is the fee for use of Technology?

  • The technology use fee for students in grades K-3 is $325.00 per school year (32 GB iPads).
  • The technology use fee for students in grades 4-8 is $475.00 per school year (11-inch MacBook Air laptops).

What does the Technology fee include?

  • The Device – The cost of the device is amortized over four years. At the end of the fourth year, the student may buy the device for a nominal fee or turn it back in.
  • The Software and Applications
  • A Protective Cover
  • Insurance for the Device
  • Support for the Device
  • Management of the Device – Each device will be managed by Casper

What is the fee and purchase framework for the computer as my student matriculates and/or graduates from Sion?

As noted above, the devices are amortized over the course of four years. The annual technology fee is assessed each year your student is enrolled at Notre Dame de Sion School. Upon graduation, the student’s computer is available at the fair market price of the device (see pricing structure below).

After One Year - $650
After Two Years - $450
After Three Years - $225
After Four Years - $0*

*The computer will be owned by the student or returned to school to be updated
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