Grade School

Spiritual Formation

Our unique mission is grounded in a Catholic identity that embraces people of all faiths. Our prayer and worship sustains us. Our study and reflection propels us on our spiritual journey. Our service brings us closer to our sisters and brothers and to a world of peace, justice and love.

Faith Life and Catholic Identity

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  • Building on a tradition of more than a century in Kansas City, Notre Dame de Sion School inspires students to:

    • Love learning
    • Think creatively and critically
    • Serve their neighbor
    • Deepen their faith
    • Discover the unique gifts they bring to the world

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  • The seven tenets of Catholic Social Teaching serve as the foundation for our Holy Ground curriculum, which is interwoven into all areas of the curriculum.

    • Dignity of the Human Person
    • Call to Family, Community and Participation
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Preferential Option for and with People who are Poor
    • Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers
    • Solidarity
    • Care for God's Creation
Through association with the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, our schools are among 19 Sion schools internationally, all of which share the same dynamic culture.

A commitment:
  • To the Church 
  • To exposing and educating its students to not just learn about the rich variety of faith traditions and cultures in the world but also to interact with people whose beliefs and practices are different from their own.
  • To building a world of peace, justice and love 
Valuing the worth and dignity of each person permeates the culture of the school and is reflected in the loving, nurturing relationships that form among the faculty, staff, volunteers, parents, and students of all faith traditions, and the visiting Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion.

Campus Ministry

Campus ministry in an independent, Catholic school is ministry to, with, for and by the students. With the charism of the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame de Sion as our guide, we offer developmentally appropriate spiritual formation through:

  • Sion’s unique religious formation curriculum, called “Holy Ground” 
  • Weekly chapel services, and faith families 
  • Monthly all-school liturgies 
  • Grade level retreats 

These activities create opportunities for building strong networks of support within the community and for growing in right relationship with God. Our times of prayer, retreat and ministering to others are foundational in constructing a world of justice, peace and love.
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