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Signature Programs

Notre Dame de Sion School maintains a strong commitment to academic excellence with an enriching and rigorous educational program. In alignment with the International Charter for Our Lady of Sion Schools and the Mission of Notre Dame de Schools of Kansas City, Sion’s educational offerings provide all students the extraordinary opportunity to be engaged in a meaningful and relevant academic experience while being thoughtfully encouraged to become servant leaders and successful citizens, both regionally and globally.

Beginning with the 2017-18 school year, Notre Dame de Sion School will initiate a signature course design highlighting the seven tenets of Catholic Social Teachings, multiculturalism, and the continued tradition of personalized education for all students through the development of student-centered learning experiences and our 1:1 technology program.

The seven themes will serve as guideposts for the continued study of modern social justice issues, historical events, authors and artists throughout the curriculum becoming an integral part of the daily lives and learning of our students. 

List of 7 items.

  • Year 1 Life and Dignity of the Human Person 2017-2018

  • Year 2 Call to Family, Community, and Participation 2018-2019

  • Year 3 Solidarity 2019-2020

  • Year 4 Dignity of Work 2020-2021

  • Year 5 Rights and Responsibilities 2021-2022

  • Year 6 Option for the Poor and Vulnerable 2022-2023

  • Year 7 Care for God's Creation 2023-2024

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