Academic Support

At Notre Dame de Sion School we understand that not all students learn in the same way. Sion’s personalized learning approach tailors the educational experience to the unique gifts, needs, and interests of every student.

Study Skills

In alignment with our commitment to academic excellence and student success, all students in grades four through eight participate in our research-based Study Skills Seminars. The curriculum has been carefully designed to provide all students with the necessary critical learning, organizing and communication skills to academically thrive and excel in grade school and beyond. Some topics include multiple intelligences, organizational systems, iCalendar/planner usage, reducing test anxiety, test preparation, test-taking strategies and time management among others.


The Sion Success Center partners with parents of students with diagnosed learning differences and teachers in a collaborative effort to create an Individual Accommodation Plan (IAP) tailored to your student’s unique needs. Some of these accommodations include:
  • Preferential seating in the classroom 
  • Extended time on tests 
  • Separate testing room 
  • Assistance with note-taking
  • Help with organizational tasks 
  • Utilizing “Text to Speech”
  • Extra set of textbooks at home 
  • Other accommodations as deemed necessary by the Learning Specialist and Principal
If you have any questions about accommodations for your child, please contact Sion’s Director of Learning Services, Heather Foose at
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