How to Make Stepping Stones

Ella Alexander
Turner Construction Company & Kissick Construction 
Have you ever wanted to know how to create your very own stepping stone? Not using a kit you find in the craft store but the way professionals do it? On June 22, 2022 our summer STEAM summer interns got to learn from Kissick Construction Company and Fordyce Concrete how to create their own concrete stepping stones and now you can too!

Equipment needed:
  • Four equal sized wooden planks 
  • Drill and screws
  • Concrete 
  • Four equal sized rebar, shorter than your wooden planks
  • A mag and edger
  • A wooden base (plywood)

Step one: Form Work
Form work is creating the mold the concrete is poured into, creating a square with the four wood planks by placing them on the wooden base. 

Step two: Drill
Connect the planks, drilling one screw into another. This is known as chasing the planks. Then, drill diagonally from the edge of each plank into the wooden base in order to secure the mold.

Step three: Pour concrete 
Pour the concrete into the mold until it is halfway full.

Step four: Add reinforcement
Place the rebar on the concrete so that they intersect to create the shape of a tic tac toe board. This strengthens the integrity of your stepping stone. 

Step five: Pour concrete part two
Pour the concrete into the mold so that it covers the rebar and until the mold is full.

Step six: Smooth and Level
Using a mag or a flat edge gently smooth and level out the concrete until it looks even. A good method is to tap the concrete to release any air bubbles before smoothing the concrete. 

Step seven: Edging
Using an edger, smooth out the edges of the concrete by applying gentle downward pressure and moving the edger back and forth along the edge of the stepping stone

Step eight: Smooth and level part two
The edger will create lines in the concrete so repeat step six in order to have a smooth stepping stone

Step nine: Decorate!

Stay tuned for more exciting construction updates, tips, and tricks this summer!!