Head Coach: Shelli
Assistant Coach: Marion
Assistant Coach: Madi Lamb

The Sion Storm Dance Team is a nationally ranked competitive dance squad and the current Division 3 Missouri State Champion. The team is made up of an enthusiastic group of talented dancers who work together to further Sion spirit by performing at designated games and special events and competing at the local, state, and national level.  The head coach is Sion alumna and founder of the dance team, Shelli Vaughan.

The squad is composed of freshmen through seniors. Any student enrolled at Sion may audition for the team; however, dance training, flexibility, and the ability to learn routines quickly are valuable assets. Dance Team is active during the fall and winter seasons. Focus is on developing strength, endurance, and performance skills as well as improving both individual and team technique. This requires persistence, attention to detail, and a willingness to accept and incorporate critique. Members learn to work, think, and dance as a team.


Head Coach: Tabby McCarthy
Assistant Coach: Meg Daugherty

The Sion Storm Cheerleaders are an enthusiastic group of young women who work together to support Notre Dame de Sion’s athletic teams. The team promotes Sion spirit by attending Varsity Volleyball and Basketball games as well as other special events at the school.  Storm Cheer competes at NCA High School Nationals every year and performs at various events in the area.

Sion Storm Cheerleaders promote and uphold team spirit for those we encounter, develop good sportsmanship by example, support good relations in the community between teams and squads during events, and are representatives of Notre Dame de Sion and the school mission.

These athletes are not only challenged to become physically stronger and more skilled in the sport of cheerleading but work on becoming passionate leaders in our community. Their skills will take them off the sidelines and performance mats to prepare them for their future as faithful, contributing members of society.

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