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Curricular Philosophy

At Sion, our belief in the transformative power of learning is rooted in the unique charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion. In 1843, the sisters established schools open to all levels of society and all religions. At the time, this openness was unprecedented for Catholic education and transformed the way students learned about their place in history and the world. Curriculum and instruction at Notre Dame de Sion High School are designed to support learning that transforms the hearts and minds of our students. In order to meet this goal, as well as the needs of all our learners, Sion teachers are encouraged to employ several different methods of instruction with a focus on inquiry-based learning in an environment where the student-teacher relationship is a unique pedagogical space, a space where the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives enliven both individuals and build understanding.

Discovering Your Passion

Sion students who have a particular passion for an area of study can develop independent curricular options with counselors and our Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Instruction. A student interested in a career in the CIA enrolled in Arabic courses at UMKC; students interested in veterinary medicine have enrolled in courses at Blue Valley CAPS; a student interested in ornithology designed an independent science course including research-based travel and data collection.  The possibilities are endless.

Advanced Offerings

Sion students can take advantage of the following advanced curricular options:
  • 20 Honors Level Courses
  • 17 Advanced Placement Courses
  • 9 ACCP Courses through Avila University and Rockhurst University

Building Empathy for “the Other”

The charism of Sion emphasizes that encounters with the “other” is key in building the kingdom of God. Sion’s curriculum gives students the opportunity to engage with people whose beliefs, cultures, and worldviews are different from their own. First-year students spend time in a semester course entitled “Rooted in Faith” where they make connections between the Catholic faith and their role as young women at our school and beyond. Sion emphasizes the skills needed to dialogue with others in a way that builds peace and justice. Each student actively participates in service to the marginalized and takes a course in Catholic Social Teaching.  

Power of an All-Girls Learning Environment

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