Centered around a shared mission, Notre Dame de Sion School aims to prepare students for socially responsible, values-based leadership in a culturally and religiously diverse world. Both our Grade School and High School Campuses embrace an “Implicit Curriculum” and an “Explicit Curriculum” rooted in the Charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Sion.

At Notre Dame de Sion, we believe teaching to a range of learners transcends individualization of instruction and the provision of academic support. We believe that teaching to a range of learners grows out of the promotion of what the Implicit Curriculum terms “the dignity of the human person and the love that God has for each person in his/her uniqueness.” In summary, a unique “Sion way” is present in all we do. Spread across two campuses and divided into four academic divisions, Notre Dame de Sion School endeavors to meet individual students where they are on their educational journey.

Woven throughout the academic programming at all levels, are common themes of

Global Connectivity

  • Sion is part of a global network of schools. As early as age three, students collaborate and build relationships with students in Brazil, Costa Rica, Australia, & France. Middle school and High school students participate in international conferences and exchange programs each year. Sion teachers infuse the concept of global connectivity in their coursework.

Empathy of the Others

  • Sion emphasizes that encounters with the “other” are key in building the kingdom of God. Sion’s curriculum gives students the opportunity to engage with people whose beliefs, cultures, and worldviews are different from their own. Students celebrate Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim High Holy Days with their classmates.

Building a World of Peace and Justice

  • Service to others and creation can be seen as students at our Grade School campus tend the community garden, assist volunteers at food pantries, or make Valentine’s day placemats for the local food kitchen. High school students complete over 100 service hours during their time and Sion and design their own senior service projects in the local and global communities.

Early Education

Ages 2-5

Sion’s early education program is rooted in the Montessori tradition, where students engage independently in a structured series of works designed to cultivate each one’s natural desire to learn. Teachers strive to establish “mini-communities” where budding self-discovery and essential life skills are applied to learning activities that form the foundation for reading readiness and number sense. Imagination and play are central to the curriculum and are infused in the STEAM, Art, Music, Movement, French, Swimming, and Library programs. Sion Petite is a program designed for two-year-old boys and girls. The Montessori program has three-, four-, and five-year boys and girls with a variety of scheduling options to meet the needs of families.


Grade School


Grade School students learn together in self-contained homerooms where they experience extensive curricular integration and collaboration. In addition to a strong foundation in literacy skills and number sense, students advance in 21st-century competencies through regular experiential learning activities in the STEAM classroom and Sion’s community garden. Enrichment classes include Art, Music, PE, Swimming, French, Spanish in 4th grade, and Library. Students explore spirituality and faith through Holy Ground classes.

Middle School


Middle school students engage in coursework in all the traditional disciplines: Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages. In addition to these courses, all students also study Visual Art, Music, and Physical Education. Lastly, every middle school student may select two elective courses, including Robotics, Science Olympiad, Debate, Music Composition, Ceramics, Yoga, Gardening, Service Learning and more. The Middle School has a Theology curriculum called Holy Ground, which includes weekly Chapel Services, opportunities to build community, and to serve those in need.

High School


The young women at the High School matriculate through a challenging college preparatory curriculum that offers opportunities for innovative and personalized learning. With over 26 courses providing the options for college credit, Sion students get a headstart on their college careers. Students have access to a wide variety of experiences outside the classroom: 11 different sports, performing arts, award-winning student publications, international travel, service learning, as well as leadership in student-led clubs and organizations.
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