High School Campus

All-Girls' High School

September 2014

C Week

Monday, September 15 FULL SCHEDULE

Mid-quarter grade check

Tuesday, September 16 FULL SCHEDULE

Lunch/Study Hall:
Campus Ministry Team Meeting
Everist Concerence Room
3:30 p.m. Faculty Dept. Mtg

Wednesday, September 17 AM ACTIVITY SCHEDULE

9:40 a.m. Purple Week Clubs
11:00 a.m. Senior Class Mass
After Mass: Kairos 44 Reunion:
Everist Conference Room

SION FAMILY SPIRIT NIGHT! (no homework night!)

Thursday, September 18 SPECIAL SCHEDULE

7:20 a.m. HS Mass
9:20 a.m. Maisons
11:20 a.m. Transfer Student Luncheon
NO Lunch out for Seniors

Friday, September 19 SPECIAL SCHEDULE

1:00 p.m. Storm Stomp 6-12th grade girls

Sunday, September 21

11:00 a.m. Mother/Daughter Luncheon


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Mother/Daughter Luncheon

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